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Councillor reports

We are looking at the ways Councillors raise residents requests for environmental issues, ideally we want them to use the app or My Account or assist the resident in doing so.  One concern is some residents are not digitally enabled so cannot. 


The issue is if the Councillor raises the request on behalf of the resident via My Account or the app they are then the report owner so all updates will go to them, Councillors understandably do not want to be the middle man. 


Ideally we want a method so if the report is raised by them they can add the contact details of the resident (contradictory as if resident has an email account they should do it).


Has this come up previously and do you have any advice.

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Hi Darren,

I don't think this scenario has come up in this guise, but the ability to raise reports on behalf of others has recently been suggested.  Which sounds like this would be ideal in this situation.  

I am assuming the following:

  • Councillors are raising these reports when meeting residents
  • AD contact isn't available to them, which allows for this.

Leave it with us for a few days and will discuss internally to try and work out how exactly this would work with the websites and apps. 



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