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Re: Work together to make a change against litter/fly tipping

People need to be re-educated to take responsibility for disposing of litter on the streets of Croydon. Foot paths need to be powerwashed by the Council, at least every sixth months. Especially all the new paths that have been laid. Takeaway shops need to make sure the areas outside their shops are clear of food and rubbish waste.

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I would like to report the street Issue . The Vieula did not care about Neasden area , Blackhill bird /A4088 from Lidl it is clean till the Round after it is too deirty. Then carry on till the second roundabout and just before Reach it specially at the EAGE OF THE STREET THE DRIVE DOES NOT CARE .

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good afternoon

FORREST ROAD (just off Kingsland Rd, Dalston) E8 4AH is dumping spot for everyone. On a daily basis there is rubbish, unwanted donations and old furniture spread across the street. OXFAM doesnt care when refusing donations and they know it will end up on the street next to the shop. Council doesnt do anything, just coming in daily to clean it. Our council tax resources are managed very well! WE ARE WATCHING YOU leaflets dont really work, do they. There is no rule implementation, nobody is checking. 

I live near by and this constant mess is utterly frustrating

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Fly tipping on the corner of Woodcote Avenue and Kenley Gardens.
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