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Merging reports

Hi I learned recently from Helen that it is possible to merge similar reports from different users into a single report. When this happens, one of the reports is deleted. This is not a great experience for two reasons: 1) The user who raised the deleted report is not informed that the report has been merged into another report. It disappears from their My Reports list with no explanation 2) This user receives no further feedback about the progress of the report, as I understand it, for privacy reasons It is clear that this user journey has been considered only from the perspective of the team investigating reports, not the perspective of the users who create the reports in the first place. From the latter perspective, the user experience ought to be improved, as it is frustrating not to know what is happening with a report that was raised. Perhaps, instead of merging similar reports into one report, the app could create a soft link between them. When one report is resolved, other linked reports are resolved at the same time. This would ensure that users who raise duplicate reports are aware of the progress and don’t just see the report disappear from their My Reports list.
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