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App no longer works. No categories loaded

No categories loaded; therefore I can only create and save reports. I can no longer submit anything. I am using the Haringey council app.

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Hi Douglas,

Can you raise a ticket concerning this as the app appears to be working fine currently and so may be specific to your location or settings.  Please check you have location services and a working data connection and if still seeing an issue raise a ticket please.



Love Clean Streets Support

Thanks, it is working now.
Dear Council, Looks like it is still not working in this area. I have been downloading, re-installing older, newest versions. Validate myself several times still could not chose a category neither with the first version nor the latest. Since I joined last month I could only save reports. And report history is not available either along the category chosing. I raised a ticket did not help. What else can I do?

Hi Norbert,

I haven't seen a ticket relating to this for you.  Can you raise a support ticket please?  Also ensure that you have a data connection with credit and location services turned on.

Kind Regards,


Hi. I think we could not raised the ticket properly. My landlord uses the same service and she still can send reports. Can you guide me through how to raise a Proper ticket? Service and data connection is spot on.

Hi.  Yes I'd like you to raise a support ticket to walk you through raising an environmental report - this is currently an open forum that you are posting in and everyone can see and the originator will receive notifications.  So better you have your own ticket direct with our support desk to work through your unique situation.  If you can please email then this will create a support ticket.  Please tell us in that ticket/email which app you are using and on what device.  Then we can get you working.



I have just RAISED a support ticket as encountering exactly same problem as no categories downloading

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