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Cannot report on your app as it won’t download the categories

Hi I’ve been trying to raise a report of a lifted paving slab outside my neighbour’s house which is a major trip hazard. I can’t seem to get the categories to download on your app and see this has been an issue before. Please advise how to report this as a matter of urgency before someone injured themselves. Thank you

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Hi Caroline,

The issue previously was for 24 hours in June on Android devices and then on devices that did not have English as their language also caused a problem for some users.  Both of these have been resolved and no further issues have been reported.

Please ensure you have location services switched on and a valid data connection (try over WiFi) - both are needed for the service to work.

If you still have a problem please raise a support ticket with details of your device, OS version, the app you are running and its version (found in the profile).  Then we can help you more specifically.

Kind Regards,


Love Clean Streets

Hi Helen,

Thank you for your reply.  I am still not able to do anything on the app.  I drag the pointer to the place where the issue is and also do a search at the appropriate address but it comes up with nothing.  I am using iOS 12.4.1 over WiFi and my location services are switched on and `i am using Version 5.0.7 of the Love Clean Streets app

Thank you

Kind regards,


Hi Caroline,

I have created a ticket for this to help you individually.



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