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Not able to validate my phone!

I am clearly not the only one with this problem so would suggest there is a problem on the side of the website. Also the contact email given on the website is not working - received a bounce back.

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Hi Olga,

If you are referring to the Love Clean Streets website and contact email of then email is being received to that email.  It could be hotmail bouncing it back to you?

As for confirming your device - again I can see the confirmation email going out to you so would recommend you check your spam/junk folders at the server end and you should have the option of adding us to your allowed list - please add the domain as all notifications come from that email address.

In the meantime I have confirmed your device at this end and you should now be able to tap confirm in the app and see it confirmed.

Do note that if Hotmail is blocking our emails to you as appears to be the case then you will not receive notifications with respect to your reports raised until we are added to your allowed list.

Kind Regards,