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Obstructing Pavements

I’d love to add this category to the list as there are many occasions when I’ve wished to report wheelie bins left for days on narrow pavements.

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks so much for the feedback, we are always looking to expand the possibilities of reporting.  Many LAs do have 'Bins left out' or 'Pavement Obstruction' etc so can I ask what specific Local Authority you report in so I can see about having it added for them.



Hi Helen,

I am in the Camden Council area.



Disgusting daily rubbish dumping need to be sorted as a health and safety hazard both ends of street bad and scattered rubbish on sides of kerb. So ashamed to live around here!!
Uneeda drive

Hi Cile,

Please report this via the Clean Camden or Love Clean Streets App direct to Camden under litter or fly tipping and they will clear the rubbish.  This will go automatically into their system and to the team to actually clear it for you.



I am in the london borough of ealing not Camden

Hi Cole,

The Love Clean Streets app works across the UK whatever borough you are in and Ealing is the same - reporting using the app in Ealing is directly linked to their systems and will go straight to the team to resolve.

KInd Regards,